Travel grants

All participants first need to register for the symposium. Deadline for registration is the 29th of February, 2016!

Bridging Nordic Imaging Programme Travel Grants

A limited number of Bridging Nordic Imaging Programme Travel Grants  (BNI 2016 travel grant) are available for Postdocs and technical staff coming from the Nordic countries. The grant will partially cover the travel expenses and the accommodation (total up to €300 for each participant). The travel grant can only be applied for after finishing the initial registration for the Symposium – the confirmation e-mail will contain further details about the application.

In step 2, after you have registered for the Symposium, you will also be asked to complete a form with your name, organization and the country in which it is based, and to motivate why you should receive this travel grant.

Selection of awardees is conducted by the scientific organizing committee and the awardees will be notified soon after the completion of the abstract selection. This is usually 4-6 weeks before the event start date. Please note that we strongly advice that the travel reimbursement is made through the institutions (since private expenses might involve more paper work/tax declarations for the applicant him/herself).

Country specific Travel grants

Participants coming from Norway, Finland and  Sweden can also apply for travel grants in the corresponding country that he/she is currently studying/working in. These travel grants can cover travel to and from the Symposium and accommodation. The exact amount will be decided individually by the different Networks in each country according to the financial circumstances of the applicants and the calculation of expenses provided.

Norway: The MedIm kindly provides 5 + 10 travel grants for PhD students in Norway. For further information please check the page:

Finland: The Finnish BioImaging Network kindly provides 8-10 travel grants for students (PhD and MSc) and technical staff that are studying/working in Finland. For further information please check the page:

Sweden: The Swedish BioImaging Network kindly provides 10 travel grants for PhD students in Sweden. For further information please check the page: