Art meets Science: Image competition

The “Art meets Science” part of this symposium invites you as a conference participant to create your own art work and to submit it to our image competition.


In addition to a scientific poster, each conference participant can upload one artistic image. The award for the best image will be decided by popular vote and announced at the Imaging Awards Ceremony during the closing session. Participants are asked to judge the “Art meets Science” images based on how visually compelling and original they are. The images can be sent as non-processed but you are encouraged to use any image processing technique or montage that you think would give your image an extra edge! Just as long as the original image is a scientific image of a (biological) specimen. The participating images will be published on the Bridging Nordic Imaging website.

As an inspiration to your creative process you can visit the web pages of a couple of artists who combine science and art. Joanne Berry at Lake Side Art Centre is an artist who among other things work with fluorescence microscopy images.


A Swedish artist and physician, Bertil Leidner, has among other things created beautiful art from medical images of the human body.


It also includes you as a conference participant by inviting you to create your own art work and to submit it to our image competition! The winner will be awarded with a pair of cool headphones from AHEAD!


For participating in the image competition please send us an email ( You will then receive information about the image format and how to up-load the file. Deadline for submission is the 18th of March.