Call for Abstracts

The organizers of the 2nd Symposium of Bridging Nordic Imaging invite the submissions of abstracts regarding scientific work, development and applications related to all areas of advanced microscopy and clinical imaging. The scientific committee will choose abstracts to be presented as part of the scientific program. There will be travel and accommodation stipends for the chosen abstracts.

To present and submit an abstract, please register for the Symposium. You will then receive a confirmation email containing a link to the abstract upload page, where you can upload your abstract. Deadline for providing the abstract is the 29.February, but participants are encouraged to do this together with the registration.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

-EM Ultraresolved and correlative microscopy
-Functional and Multi-spectral Imaging
-Mesoscopic imaging
-Confocal Microscopy and Applications
-Live Cell Imaging
-Biological Nanoscopy
-Image Analysis and Workflows
-New Technology Developments
-Model Organisms
-Novel Imaging Applications in all disciplines of Life Science
-Molecular Imaging Techniques (PET, MRI, Ultrasound, Optical Imaging)
-Clinical and Pre-clinical CT
-Imaging Mass-Spectroscopy